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Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association, Inc.

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George D. Hedrick Volunteer Service Award

Created in 1995 and awarded by the Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association, Inc. (SAA)'s Board of Directors, the George D. Hedrick Volunteer Service Award recognizes individuals whose service and dedication to the Northern Tier National High Adventure Program is noteworthy in terms of both its impact and/or duration. The award honors former Region Ten Executive and ardent Canoe Base supporter, George Hedrick.

Recipients are presented with a plaque, as well as having their names inscribed on a permanent plaque, which hangs in the Charles L. Sommers Lodge.   Additionally, those recipients who are registered BSA members are entitled to wear the Community Organization Award (COA) square knot on their Scout uniform.

Nominations may be submitted to the SAA Board of Directors using the Hedrick Volunteer Service Award Nomination Form.

Award Recipients

  Year     Name
  1995 Robert "Red" Renner       
  1996 Allan Batterman
  1997 Craig Pendergraft
  1998 Ed Chapin
  1998 Gene Felton
  1999 Henry Bradlich


Cherie Bridges
  2000 Dick Shank
  2001 Mike Holdgrafer
  2002 Butch Diesslin
  2003 Bob Cary
  2004 Don Melander
  2004 Jack Osborn
  2006 Bill Erickson
  2008 David M. Hyink
  2012 Real Berard
  2012 Nigel Cooper
  2012 Cory Kolodji
  2012 Michael McMahon
  2016 Alex Nepple
  2016 Allen Rench
  2019 Jim Barott
  2019 Charles Rose
 2021Owen Gibbs
 2021 Karl Huemiller
 2021 Joseph Mattson
 2021 Craig Reichow
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