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Alumni Work Week

  • May 06, 2021
  • May 10, 2021
  • Northern Tier, 14790 Moose Lake Rd, Ely, MN 55731



A reminder: We recommend not making non-refundable plans should we have to cancel the event.

To participate in this event, you must register in advance and agree to follow event requirements (including COVID-19 safety guidelines). Alumni may only visit if they are approved to participate in this event.

The upcoming Red Renner Memorial Work Week is from Thursday, May 6th, to Monday, May 10th. It is your chance to support the Northern Tier program. You'll enjoy camaraderie with your fellow alumni while giving back. Bring your skills and enthusiasm; we will provide on-the-job training and tools. You can stay for the whole time, or just a day. Cabin lodging and meals will be available at no cost.

Advance registration is required, with registration closing on Sunday, May 2, 2021. Contact us if you have questions. 

In true work week style, you will help with some of the following projects. This year will be different, as seasonal staff will not be here yet.
  • Commissary deck staining 
  • Building a fence under the Baypost 
  • Remodeling the staff lounge bathroom
  • Install a new door for the female locker room 
  • Install a new door to the back of the program center 
  • Install new kitchen doors 
  • Build a hand washing station for the program center

Registration requirements:

  1. Be a member in good standing of the Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association, Inc. Join online
  2. Arrange your participation in advance by registering for the event.
  3. To attend you must complete “Youth Protection Training” before arriving. You must also bring an “BSA Annual Health and Medical Record” form. A physical exam is required if staying more than 72 hours. See this post for details.
  4. Agree to follow all COVID-19 safety requirements. 

Please contact us if you have questions.

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