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Essays & Articles

Hudson Bay Bread Information


Book report by David Hyink on the book "Last Child In The Woods". (pdf)


Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base Promotional Films ("By Pack and Paddle" and "A Canoe Expedition, Explorer Scout Trail Skills Series")


Rendezvous (reunion) 2006 video by William Erickson


More Things I learned in the Woods by Mike Bingley


Remembrances of Red Renner - By Butch Diesslin, Dave Greenlee, Larry Whitmore

To my Dad on Father's Day - By Dave Greenlee


What I've learned in the Woods - by Mike Bingley

Sandy's Mission: A Letter from John to Dave - by John Thurston

Rendezvous 2000 -- Part I: The Reunion - by Dave Greenlee

Rendezvous 2000 -- Part II: Sandy's Mission - by Dave Greenlee

Pictures from Staff Training 2000 - by Steve Niedorf

A Charlie Guide Can Make the Difference by John LeBlanc

The Home of the Northern Woodsmen, by Sandy Bridges


Third Day in Minnesota, First Day on the Trail, by Chris Thurman

The Life of Chris Breen - by his parents

Good Memories and Gridlock - by John Thurston

Joe Seliga's Canoe - by Dave Greenlee

A Diamond in the North - by Gene Felton (review)


Reflections of Rendezvous '98 - by Toni Nemanick

Sandy's Last Portage - by Cherie Bridges Sawinski and friends

Canoe base leader ...Outdoorsman Sandy Bridges

Clyde "Sandy" Bridges: 1939 - 1997


Bissett: Boom and Bust in the Manitoba Bush - by Chuck Rose

Okpik: An Advisor's Story - by Dave Greenlee

Understanding Joe Seliga's Serial Numbers - by Chuck Rose

Real Berard: The Map Maker - by Chuck Rose

Night Paddling - by Dave Greenlee

Wilderness Castle - by Chuck Rose

Staff Training Pictorial - 1997 - by Dave Greenlee

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